Dlaczego Alianne Asset Management?

AAM jest algorytmiczne spółka zarządzania aktywami / hybrydowy specjalizującą się w obrocie dewizowym i futures. Kładziemy nacisk na bezpieczeństwo środków klientów poprzez odrębnych rachunkach w renomowanych firm brokerskich. Świadczymy również wielką płynność, przejrzystość i pełną kontrolę klienta do naszych inwestorów.

Jest naszym jedynym celem konsekwentnie podjąć jak najwięcej zysku, jak to możliwe z rynku, wykorzystując nasz sprawdzony i zastrzeżonych zautomatyzowanych metod handlowych. Jesteśmy Państwa jednego okienka dla budowania dobrobytu i ochrony aktywów.

Korzyści z otwarcia konta Alianne

  • Konto sprzedawane przez naszych systemów algorytmicznych i zarządzany przez specjalistów-Hybrid
  • możliwości zysku w obu pochylenia rynków
  • nieskorelowane powraca do dowolnego posiadanych zasobów, wzajemnego Funduszu oraz inwestycje w nieruchomości
  • System Trading jest zgodna z naszymi zasadami zarządzania ryzykiem
  • Ochrona aktywów i dywersyfikacja portfela
  • 24-godzinny Web Access do prywatnego konta
  • Pozostaniesz osoba uprawniona inwestycji

Niezawodność technologiczny


Nasze serwery są jednymi z najbardziej niezawodnych na świecie działa 24 godziny na dobę z 99,999% uptime. Alianne wykorzystuje algorytmy do zarządzania całym cyklem handlową swojego portfela z punktu wejścia do likwidacji i dlatego musimy być podłączony cały czas. Nasi klienci mogą również odpocząć wiedząc, że nasza technologia jest jednym z najlepszych i najbardziej niezawodnych na świecie, który naprawdę pozwala im inwestować z Confidence.

Market Watch

Kursy walut

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USDJPY 108.687 108.688 108.997 108.655
GBPUSD 1.316 1.31603 1.31658 1.31021
USDCHF 0.98716 0.98719 0.98955 0.98682

Zaktualizowano 2019-12-05 18:10:01 UTC

Aktualności z rynku

Mnuchin says U.S. economic growth will pick up in coming quarters

Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:39:04 GMT

Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin on Thursday said he expected a significant pickup in the economy in coming quarters. "There is no question Americans are seeing the benefits of tax cuts," with the U.S. the only economy in the world showing continued growth, Mnuchin said in testimony to the House Financial Services Committee. Mnunchin said the slowdown in GDP growth from the strong first quarter was due to the problems with Boeing's 737 Max, the United Auto Workers strike against General Motors and a significant slowdown in global growth. Mnuchin predicted economic growth will be "quite significant" during the rest of this year and next year.

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Biogen shares rise on Alzheimer's candidate data

Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:22:20 GMT

Shares of Biogen are up 3% after it released additional data about its recently resurrected Alzheimer's disease drug candidate. A fresh take on data from two Phase 3 trials for aducanumab showed that patients in the Emerge trial who received a high dose of the therapy reported reduced clinical decline, meeting the trial's first and secondary endpoints. The Engage trial did not report a reduction in clinical decline. The biotechnology company had said in March that it would scrap trials for aducanumab after a futility analysis indicated that the drug would not meet the studies' primary endpoints. The stock sunk to its lowest point, $216.71, in 2019 the day after that announcement. But then in a surprise move, Biogen said in October it would seek Food and Drug Administration approval for aducanumab early next year following discussions with the regulator using a larger dataset than what was used in the futility analysis. Biogen shares have fallen about 3% year-to-date, compared to the S&P 500 , which is up about 24%.

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Blackrock ousts executive viewed as possible CEO candidate for failing to disclose relationship: WSJ

Thu, 05 Dec 2019 16:27:10 GMT

Blackrock Inc. has ousted Mark Wiseman for failing to disclose a romantic relationship with a client, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing a person familiar with the matter. Wiseman, who was viewed as a potential successor to Blackrock's Chief Executive Lawrence Fink, breached the company's policy by engaging in the relationship, the paper reported. The executive and his wife Marcia Moffat, head of Blackrock's Canada office, were viewed as a married power couple at the asset manager. The relationship was with another employee. "I engaged in a consensual relationship with one of our colleagues without reporting it," Mr. Wiseman in a memo Thursday, according to the paper. "I regret my mistake and I accept responsibility for my actions." Wiseman came to Blackrock in 2016 from the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Blackrock shares were up 0.8% Thursday, and have gained 24% in 2019, matching the S&P 500's gains.

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Chewy's stock surges after Morgan Stanley turns bullish, saying investor fears are overdone

Thu, 05 Dec 2019 16:20:42 GMT

Shares of Chewy Inc. rallied 5.4% in morning trading, after Morgan Stanley analyst Lauren Cassel turned bullish on the pet e-tailer ahead of fiscal third-quarter results, saying the recent pullback has provided an "attractive entry point" for investors. Since the stock closed at $34.99 on its first day of trading on June 14, the stock had tumbled 35% through Wednesday's close of $22.89, which was just 4% above the $22 initial public offering price. In comparison, the Renaissance IPO ETF declined 1.3% over the same time and the S&P 500 gained 7.8%. Cassel attributed Chewy's weakness to concerns over forward revenue, buyer and profit growth, but said "fears are overdone." She also said investors may be concerns about how recent money-losing IPOs have declined ahead of the expiration of lock-up periods, but said Chewy's lock-up date is "less of a near-term overhang given the ownership structure," in which 88% of the company is still owned by private equity and corporate parent PetSmart Inc. The 180-day lock-up period is set to expire next week. Chewy is scheduled to report results after Monday's closing bell. Cassel upgraded Chewy's stock to overweight, as her $30 price target implies a 27% gain from current levels.

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United Airline's CEO-designate has critics but stock has doubled since he joined the company, analyst says

Thu, 05 Dec 2019 15:53:32 GMT

United Airlines Inc.'s CEO-designate, Scott Kirby, is one of the most recognizable airline executives in the U.S. after stints at America West, US Airways and American Airlines, but he is also a "somewhat polarizing figure," Vertical Research Partners said Thursday. United announced earlier than CEO Oscar Munoz would move to the role of executive chairman in May, and that Kirby would replace him. "Bulls will argue that he is exceptionally-qualified, perhaps the best in the business, and that this transition should be orderly and mostly unnoticeable to us as he has led or at least played an integral role in all of the major decisions that have taken place at UAL over the last three years," Vertical analyst Darryl Genovesi wrote in a note. "Bears, meanwhile, will argue that Mr. Kirby "needs a boss" as his aggressive competitive posture could lead to excess capacity and strategic pricing practices that some investors view as irrational." Genovesi's view is that Kirby's decisions accept the need for short-term pain to achieve a long-term gain in a highly competitive industry. His critics "appear to consist primarily of those who fancy (or once fancied) the industry as ~oligopolistic post the 2008-13 consolidation wave, a thesis that, to us, now seems to have completely broken down." In the last five years, Kirby's push to match or undercut low-cost carriers has driven big revenue swings and capacity growth and United's stock took a dive before a sharp recovery. The stock has actually doubled since his arrival at the airline in 2016, outperforming the broader industry by 75% as measured by the NYSE Arca Airline ETF . United shares were down 0.1%, but have gained 28% in 2019, while the ETF has gained 19% and the S&P 500 has gained 24%.

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